Organic Company BioRio, Organics Products since 1995

The BioRio farm is located about 8 km from Spoleto, in the Spoletan Valley 

praised for its beauty by St. Francis of Assisi.

Nihil jucundius vidi valle mea Spoletana

And this is where the family has lived since 1700Benedetti del Rio cultivates these lands and has returned to traditions since 1995of grandfather and great-grandfather, adopting the Organic Farming Method.

BioRio is certified organic by C.C.P.B. and Biodynamic by Demeter.

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25 Years of Organic

In 1995 the brand was created and the company that distinguished in a particular way this choice of life and cultivation method; then the BIORIO is born continues these choices with the introduction of the Biodynamic method for years.


Situated on an average hill at about 350 meters above sea level it is in an optimal condition for exposure, given the absence of fog and persistent humidity; all this therefore facilitates organic and biodynamic cultivation with easy cooking results and excellent taste of our products.

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